“Step To Get A Job At Apple” – CEO Tim Cook Explains

how to get a job at Apple? What qualities does the world’s most valuable brand look for while going through your resume? In the recent 60 Minutes segment focused on Apple, Apple CEO Tim Cook  revealed more about Apple’s hiring process.
Talking to veteran journalist Charlie Rose, Cook said that Apple looks for people who work for a different reason and are willing to change the world by working with passion and idealism. Calling the hiring process of Apple tough, Cook said that Apple needs the candidates who don’t take a no for an answer. “People that don’t take no for an answer. People who don’t accept the status quo,” he said. Sounds like Steve Jobs, right?
To be a part of Apple, you must be unsatisfied and know how to look at things differently. “People that can’t be told things are impossible. They can’t accept that,” Cook said.
Apple’s hiring process is very rigorous. To become an Apple employee, one needs to face 10-12 people who interview a candidate to study him/her from different point of views.
Cook says that there are tons of people in Apple who don’t agree with him and present a strong opinion to defend their point of view. According to Apple CEO, this quality inspired them to make things better.
“We’re looking for wicked smart people who have a point of view, and want to debate that point of view, and people that want to change something. People that want to make things better,” Cook said.
Watch the complete video here.
Tim Cook’s definition of a perfect candidate sounds just like Steve Jobs. Over the years, Apple has refined its work culture and hiring process, but some things haven’t changed much.

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