Donald Rumsfeld launches gaming app | VIDEO |

WASHINGTON — Former Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld has launched an app for playing a version of solitaire favored by Winston Churchill.
The app, Churchill Solitaire, is Rumsfeld’s brainchild and became available on the Apple app store this week. The game is a simulation of the particular kind of two-deck solitaire Churchill was known to play, and players can reach levels named after stages in Churchill’s own career, reaching all the way up to prime minister.
According to the website copy, Rumsfeld learned the game while serving as U.S. ambassador to NATO from a Belgian diplomat who had played it with Churchill himself. Rumsfeld himself plays the game frequently, according to the website: “While contemplating moments of war and peace, and traveling to many distant lands, the future two-time Secretary of Defense would play the game many times over the next 40 years.”
“Rumsfeld is planning a major national media tour discussing the app beginning Monday,” said Keith Urbahn, a former aide to Rumsfeld who now runs the agency Javelin, which worked with Rumsfeld’s office and Churchill Heritage Ltd. to develop the game. “We’re delighted that Apple has featured Churchill Solitaire as one of its ‘best new games.’ Stay tuned.”
Rumsfeld spokesperson Remley Johnson also said Rumsfeld will embark on a media tour and said “We’re very excited about the app and thrilled it’s been featured by Apple as a ‘best new game.’”

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