YouTube Adds Looping Feature

Going to YouTube for your day's audio selection is nothing new, and neither is jumping through hoops to make sure the video loops -- you're either forced to use a third-party service that loops the video automatically, or you have to hunt down one of those excessively long videos that stretch on for an entire work shift. YouTube has finally (finally) acknowledged this reality and added a feature to make life easier.
YouTube didn't go out of its way to announce the feature (in fact, it appears to have made no announcement at all). A fumble with the mouse, though, andboom: it appears. Now nestled within the right-click menu (that is, right-click inside of the video screen) lies a simple looping feature.
Clicking the option will add a check mark and cause the video to start over again after it has played all the way through. Click it again to stop the looping. This is only the latest of several handy features YouTube has, including the speed adjustment tool for speeding up or slowing down a video.
Not all features are put to good use, though, and YouTube just recently killed one of them off: direct uploading from a webcam. That feature debuted many years ago and allowed users to directly upload a video as they talked or did whatever in front of their webcam. Times have changed, though, and not many people were using the feature anymore.

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