LG teases Liam Neeson as 'Man From the Future' for Super Bowl | VIDEO |

We've come to the time of year when tech companies try to win the Super Bowl.
This winning involves making commercials they hope everyone will talk about.
The truth is that hardly any company ever wins. There is so much hype that, once the game is done, everyone swiftly forgets.
This doesn't deter the tech world, however.
One of the first to tease a Super Bowl contribution this time around is LG. It has hired the king of retribution, Liam Neeson, to be its big-game quarterback.
The company has just released a little tease of what this will involve.

Here we see Leeson looking menacing. He's rarely looked anything else these past few years. The teaser offers only him saying, "It will change everything."
I can't help being skeptical. Liam Neeson movies have rarely changed anything, except for adding to the world's annals of "nice, hurt man gets his own back" movies.
Here, though, he's supposed to be "The Man From the Future."

LG insists that the future is here already. It seems to involve LG's OLED TVs.
But what role does Neeson have in all this? Is he an alien? Is he God? Or is he just a famous actor being paid a lot of money to spout gibberish in a Super Bowl ad?
This isn't Neeson's first Super Bowl ad foray. Last year, he was taken by "Clash of Clans" in one of the more delightfully angry performances of the whole shebang.
Moreover, as a recent Nielsen study showed, he is the No. 1 celebrity when it comes to sales influence among consumers.
LG is clearly hoping his persuasive powers will work for its brand.

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