Check Out the First Smart Padlock Unlocks Using Just Your Fingerprint | Video |

If you use a padlock on a regular basis — at the gym or locking up your bike — then you’ll know the annoyance of misplacing your key or forgetting your combination. (It’s stupid but it happens.) Canadian tech firm Pishon Lab wants to solve this by kitting out padlocks with a security measure that’s become almost essential on smartphones: the fingerprint sensor. The company has launched an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign for its fingerprint-secured TappLock padlock, which Pishon claims is “the ultimate in security and convenience.”
The TappLock app lets you request and share entry with other users
The TappLock comes in two variations: a beefy version with a three-year battery life that doubles up as a portable phone charger, and a smaller version, the TappLock Lite, which only has a six-month battery life and can’t charge your phone. You set the padlock up with the help of a smartphone app (available on iOS, Android, and Windows), with Pishon claiming that the TappLock unlocks in just 0.8 seconds. The app also allows you to unlock your padlock using your phone and share entry with other users — either on request or during pre-defined windows of time.

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