Download All Windows versions with Direct Links Legally | EXCLUSIVE FREE |

As we know that there is A lot Of website that offered windows version with free download, but you should know that all most of this can contain Virus or Trojans, So that's can destroy your  PC or been hacked.

Its just a simple question why users doesn't download all windows version from Microsoft Officiel Website?  Answer its that Microsoft has blocked access to other version "Older One" Except Windows 10 As the  picture below

So in this article im gonna show you how the download all version easily, first of thing go to this link  then copy the script that you find it into the link, after that go to officiel Microsoft Website across this link, clic F12 button  choose "Console" then paste the script that you had copy from the website and "Entre"

you will realize that all version unlocked, choose the one you prefer and Download , Congratulation you have the access to all version, Enjoy it
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