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One Massachusetts family had a rough Christmas with aPlayStation 4 gift gone wrong.
Boston's Fox 25 reports that nine-year-old Scott Lundy was given a new PlayStation 4 Uncharted bundle for Christmas. But when he opened it, he found a piece of wood instead with the message "from c**k and balls with love." There was also an image of those two things scribbled on the box, according to Kotaku.

"He's crying and he's upset and he's in the playroom by himself and he just wants to be alone so at that point. I was crushed," Lundy's step-mother Kristin Lundy told the news site.
The family then traveled to the Saugus, Mass. Target where they bought the system (because Santa's elves can't manufacture electronics as the North Pole, they told him) and informed a manager about what happened. Target made things right, not only giving the family a new PS4, but also a $100 gift card.
But, unfortunately, it appears the damage was done for the young man.
Kristin Lundy wrote on Facebook: "This has ruined his belief in Santa."
Head to Fox 25's website for more on this story and to see a video news report featuring interviews with the family and more.

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