Apple Request from Samsung to pay another $180 million For this Reason

Still, after recent legal court proceedings most people thought that the fanfare is over. It’s unclear which Samsung phones Apple is seeking damages for because a majority of the documents are sealed from public viewing at the moment. After Samsung paid $548 million this month to settle its previous fines, Apple is now demanding an additional $180 million.
Eleven days after it paid $548 million for infringing the patents and designs of Apple, Samsung Electronics was pushed for more as its biggest IT rival asked a USA court to force the Korean company to give additional compensation. Tech giant Apple Inc. “Throw in about a million dollars in interest and you’ve got Apple’s beef in a nutshell”.
The extra sum demanded by the Apple is said to be due to the reason for the peripheral damages inflicted by Samsung after the cutoff date of the jury trial.
Apple says it is owed supplemental damages for continued infringement, plus interest, according to a court filing on Wednesday.
These models all violated the patents upon which the court fight was based. While failing to win its initial demands in a series of cases brought to USA courts, Apple has effectively crushed
 Samsung’s infringement-based profiteering in the market place While Samsung has seen its phone and tablet profits implode over the past year, Apple reported September quarter profits of $11.1 billion, twice that of Samsung Mobile at peak-Galaxy and five times what it is now earning.
There will be fiery court proceedings and legal jurisdictions once again.
The motion was filed by Apple in a US District Court.
Pic Reuters
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